Why Presell a Course?

Preselling is a great way to gauge interest—and make sales—before you launch your course. This allows you to get a jump on promoting/marketing the course.

When preselling your course, make sure to let potential customers know that the course is not yet ready to take. You can do this by editing text and buttons on your sales page. Repeat phrases like “Coming Soon” and “Launching on [date]” so it’s clear the course is not available for immediate access.

Early-Bird Pricing

Oftentimes people offer special early-bird pricing to reward those who buy the course as a presale. This provides an incentive for them to buy the course before it launches.

Keep Lessons Unpublished till Launch Time

In order to sell the course but keep content hidden until it launches, you’ll need to make sure your lessons are unpublished. Here’s how to make course sales to customers, but not allow anyone to actually view the course curriculum.

1. Log in to your Vonza admin area, go to the course you would like to presell in the course manager.

2. Select Curriculum from the sub menu.

3. In your curriculum, as you add course content, keep all new lessons unpublished as drafts. This way people will be able to pay for the course - but not yet view the lessons.

4. Then, when you're ready to show your course to your audience, return to this area to publish the lessons. Now customers enrolled will be able to view the course contents.